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JetOctopus Review: Faster SEO Audits

JetOctopus Review: Faster SEO Audits


In the world of SEO, efficiency is the trick. You need to have respectable tools to help you with your everyday activities or it will take you weeks prior to you improve a single website. Luckily for us SEOs, we stay in a market where we have plenty of tools to select from nevertheless there is one that particularly differs due to the reality that of how fast and excellent it can supply. Let me present you to JetOctopus.

JetOctopus is a SaaS spider and is the current addition to the SEO Hacker Toolbox and it is most likely the fastest spider in the market. It is easy to use and it allows you to crawl numerous websites simultaneously. JetOctopus is a reliable tool that can help you finish your SEO site audits 2 times as fast.

I had the possibility to explore JetOctopus and here’s my examination of the spider.

Super Fast Crawling Speed

JetOctopus is a cloud-based spider that recommends it crawls websites fast, REALLY fast. So far, of all the spiders that I’ve made use of, JetOctopus is the fastest. It can crawl as much as a rate of 200 pages per second which recommends it can crawl a 50,000-page website in5 minutes.

Usually, when I do an SEO audit, I plug in the website to the spider and return after an hour or more. With JetOctopus, after a number of minutes, I got an e-mail alert notifying me that the crawl is done and I was in fact impressed by it.

The emphasize of it: it doesn’t use your computer system’s memory. Since it is a cloud-based spider, it doesn’t require to use your computer system or notebook computer’s power to crawl websites which is, in fact, reliable particularly if you are handling numerous jobs at the very same time.

User-Friendly Interface and Problem-Centric Dashboard

The user-interface of JetOctopus looks excellent and simple. Even if you are not experienced in SEO, you can rapidly check out the numerous issues you have on your website. The control board used me a quick intro of the size of the problem and immediately I comprehended where to start.

In the side menu, you can rapidly check out the numerous on-page SEO issues your website may have. Issues such as pages blocked from Google bot, pages with noindex, pages with no canonical tag, and reproduce page titles and subheadings. 

What differs to me the most in this is the Speed report. Page speed is amongst the most important ranking elements today. In just one look, you may analyze if important pages of your website are too slow.

I similarly certainly take pleasure in the range of filters you may select from. It’s so easy to find the specific pages you want to improve at first.

Track Website Improvements through Compare Crawl

JetOctopus CompareCrawl function allows you to 2 crawls that you did formerly. Which recommends you can track your advancement in improving a website. It’s, in fact, handy particularly for SEO reporting due to the reality that I may rapidly expose to my clients the result of the work that we made and how well improved their website is now.

Here’s a sample of a Compare Crawl that I did. I did an audit for a website where I found that accidentally blocked a lot of important pages on their website using the Robots.txt file. After the second crawl, the range of crawled pages increased significantly (+227%). I similarly started doing some repair work so in spite of the reality that there were more pages crawled, it has fewer issues.

Content Analysis

The Content report allows you to rapidly acknowledge the pages that Thin (less than 100 words) or Low Content Pages (less than 500 words). This is amongst my favored functions as it allows me to take down the pages that need updating to make the most out of the product of the website. In this screenshot of the product control board, you may presently see that this website has excellent product standing thinking that the normal words of pages on the website are more than a thousand.

Link Report

The exceptional blood circulation of PageRank is continuously an ought to when it refers to website structure and expanding link juice. In JetOctopus, there are 2 reports for links on your website: Internal Links and External Links.

Under these reports, you can see the range of internal links found inside your website and the range of outbound links that you have. This is really essential due to the reality that you continuously have an exceptional balance in between. If you are linking out to other websites more than you are linking inside your website, you’re providing more link juice than you are getting.

Best Price in the Market

Compared to other spiders out there whether its cloud-based or desktop spiders, I may mention that JetOctopus is amongst the absolute best spiders that money can buy. There are no constraints in the range of websites you crawl, just the range of pages in the websites you crawl. You may similarly get a tailored package relying on your requirements.

You may similarly integrate Google Search Console details with no included charges that allow you to get a more comprehensive crawl of your website and get more details. 

Final Verdict

I, in fact, take pleasure in tools that supply excellent results fast. I take pleasure in that JetOctopus has the capability to supply the details that I want without extreme trouble, just a number of clicks, wait for a number of minutes, and all the details that I need is right there. No mess and no disruptions. If you are handling a lot of clients, you’ll definitely take pleasure in JetOctopus.


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