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Screaming Frog vs Netpeak Spider

Screaming Frog Compare to Netpeak Spider


SEO spiders are essential tools for every single SEO expert or site owner. You require to have at least among them in your tool kit however for us at SEO Hacker, they have two: Screaming Frog and also Netpeak Spider. 

Without SEO spiders you’ll most likely go bananas by hand examining each and every page on your site for SEO concerns. That is why it’s an outright should that you have a tool that you can count on.

Today, I’m going to compare 2 of the very best SEO spiders: Screaming Frog and Netpeak Spider. I utilize both of these tools when I do on-page optimizations for my customers and I definitely enjoy both of them. But today, these 2 will be competitors for this post. 

Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog is one of the leading SEO spiders in the market and is very popular for lots of SEOs. It is an effective spider that can crawl little to big sites with ease. It collects crucial onsite SEO aspects that enable SEOs to discover and repair concerns quickly.

Its highlights enable you to discover Error 404s on your site, discover missing out on and replicate page titles and subheadings and picture your general website architecture. Screaming Frog likewise enables you to incorporate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Majestic information for more information and analysis. You might attempt Screaming Frog here.

Netpeak Spider

Similar to its rival, Netpeak Spider is an SEO tool that can assist you to do a thorough technical audit of your site quick and easy. It looks for 50+ on-page SEO specifications and can determine 60+ kinds of concerns on your site. You might likewise have a great concept of just how much PageRank your pages need to enhance your general connecting structure. It is terrific for skilled SEO professionals. You might attempt Netpeak Spider here.

Round 1: Pricing and Free Trial

Both tools use totally free trials, nevertheless, the distinction is that Netpeak Spider provides a 14-day totally free trial of all of its functions while Screaming Frog provides totally free usage for a lifetime however you are restricted to crawling 500 URLs per site and other crawl information is not available.

For the rates, Screaming Frog and Netpeak Spider are on par with each other. For a 1-year license, Screaming Frog expenses around $183 while Netpeak Spider costs around $182. License as per user so that 2 users would need 2 licenses. Both tools likewise use discount rates if you are going to purchase 5 licenses or more. One distinction in rates is that Netpeak Spider provides regular monthly strategies while Screaming Frog just provides a 1-year strategy.

Round 2: Crawl Processing

There are 2 kinds of SEO spiders: desktop and cloud-based spiders. Screaming Frog and Netpeak Spider are both Desktop spiders that suggest you install them on your computer system and it consumes your computer system’s memory and CPU whenever you crawl a site.

If you have a good computer system, crawling little to medium-sized sites through these 2 tools is no issue at all. However, if you’re doing an SEO audit for a big site, you may have an issue. Both of these tools will consume your RAM. But on the other side, if your computer system is quick, then the much faster can these tools crawl your sites.

Usually, Netpeak Spider would take more and more time than Screaming Frog. But Netpeak Spider would normally crawl more pages than Screaming Frog.

Round 3: Features

Both tools are really comparable in functions. They crawl your site and examine page titles and metadata, try to find redirect chains, broken links, replicate material, and much more. 

For Netpeak Spider, they particularly have 54 specifications that they inspect and can find 62 concerns for optimization on the site. I particularly like that they likewise examine internal PageRank on your site and likewise determine dead ends, pages that have inbound however no outbound links. It provides me a great concept of just how much link juice a particular page has.

For Screaming Frog, I particularly like that it might likewise determine pages that have actually structured information and determine if there are concerns with the structured information on those pages.

Round 4: Interface

This is where the enjoyable starts.

The user interface of Screaming Frog is basic. New users will not have a difficult time browsing through the tool. In the right window, it will provide you an introduction to the analysis of the SEO aspects on your site.

It will reveal you details on the variety of internal and external links on your website, replicate and missing out on tags, replicate and missing out on subheadings, pages with hreflangs, etc.

If you click an SEO aspect, it will reveal to you all the URLs that fall under that classification in the left window. Screaming Frog will offer details on every URL on your site. It can likewise demonstrate how your pages would search on the search engine result page.

While comparable in performances, Netpeak Spider is various in lots of methods when it concerns the user interface. The control panel will provide you a fast summary of the variety of URLs crawled by the software application and charts that reveal you a general take a look at your site.

Once you go to the outcomes page, you might right away determine the URLs with concerns since they are identified. Red suggests these pages have important mistakes while Yellow suggests non-urgent concerns.

On the right window, you might see a list of specifications that Netpeak Spider checks. You might pick which specifications you wish to see if you just require to enhance particular specifications.

Final Verdict

Coming into this battle Netpeak Spider is the underdog since Screaming Frog is more popular than Netpeak Spider. In my viewpoint, there is no clear winner here. Both of these tools have their own methods of providing the information however they basically do the very same: offer a technical site audit. 

One is simply as helpful as the other and I extremely suggest having at least among these tools in your SEO tool kit. Have you utilized these tools? Let me understand if the discuss which one you choose more.

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