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Google Releases Update to Change of Address Tool

Search Console Releases Update to Change Address

Google search console update Photo

As Google gradually moves old tools they needed to Google Search Console, they’re likewise creating brand-new updates that will assist web designers and SEOs to do their work, screen modifications, and precisely track their site’s efficiency. Now, with their recent update to Google Search Console’s Change of Address Tool, we’ll now have the ability to upgrade and monitor our website relocations. Here’s how:

Google Search Console Change of Address Tool Update

Through the modification of the address tool, you can inform that you’re moving your old domain to a brand-new one. This results in them focusing on the crawling and indexing of the brand-new domain rather than the old one. The modification of address likewise informs Google to forward the authority and signals from the old domain to the brand-new one. 

So, aside from rerouting the pages of your old domain to the brand-new one, it’s essential for you to utilize the modification of the address tool to completely and safely move your site. But Google presented an upgrade that we’ll all like

Redirect Validation

Redirection Verification screenshot

Since redirects are a huge and important part of website migration or relocations, it makes good sense that Google will create this brand-new function in Google Search Console’s modification of address tool. With this brand-new function, you’ll have the ability to confirm if the redirects you have for your leading URLs stand or are incorrect. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, it’ll reveal to you the credibility of your redirects and if there are pages from the old website that presently don’t have redirects. This might possibly be of enormous value in ensuring that all of the pages you wish to reroute are appropriately rerouting. 


Prompts in change of address tool screenshot

Once you’ve begun with your modification of address demand, Google Search Console will have triggers that will advise you that the website is relocating to a brand-new domain. You will see the triggers when you visit the control panel of the site you’re moving from or the site you’re moving to. 

Our Experience with the Change of Address Tool

The main reason that we’re especially thrilled about this brand-new upgrade is that moving sites to brand-new domains is a hard endeavor even if it includes excessive tracking and quality control simply to get the very best outcomes. 

Of course, we’re not exceptions to the failures of website migrations. One of which occurred a year ago with our customers. To offer you a concept of what occurred with our website migration here’s a chart of their motion for among their crucial keywords

site migration ranking graph screenshot

8 months. 8 complete months of missed out on chances for traffic, conversions, and development. While this was taking place, we did a deep dive on why this was taking place and we discovered that the old site’s pages were still ranking for the very same keywords although we’ve rerouted them appropriately and we’ve utilized the modification of address tool to indicate to Google that our site is moving. Fortunately, we still recuperated. 

However, it makes me believe that if we had these brand-new functions, we’d have the ability to track much better and keep track of much better our migration given that we likewise had pages that weren’t rerouting appropriately, etc. 

Key Takeaway

Although this may not look like a big upgrade – it isn’t – we can’t reject the truth that this upgrade is a huge aid for SEOs and web designers alike. Google likewise recommends us that website relocation or migrations will use up A MINIMUM OF 180 days or more. This is what they stated relating to the 180-day duration:

“After the 180 day period, Google does not recognize any relationship between the old and new sites, and treats the old site as an unrelated site, if still present and crawlable.”

Do you have any stories about a website migration failed or are you simply thrilled about this function? Comment your stories and viewpoints down listed below!

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