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Marketing Automation Special: 5 Best Alternatives to Agile CRM

Before we look at an alternative to Agile CRM, let us understand the context of CRM when it comes to marketing automation. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important developments of our times and in the overall scheme of IoT or the Internet of Things. When we think of commerce now, we automatically think of a number of methods that can help us in reaching our most treasured [rice – prospects whom we can convert into well paying and loyal customers. But the first point of entry into this pipeline is reached. We must reach the people who will ultimately become our customers so that we can bring home that prize called elevated and ever-growing sales.

In the digital realm, there are a number of tools and techniques that one needs to employ so as to create an impression and capture the attention of the ideal audience and the target prospects who would convert into loyal customers. This would include a number of tools like social media marketing, email marketing, and many others with marketing tools. Yet, the time and the resources spent in making these effective would go far beyond the ROI that would eventually and almost belatedly come from the manual execution of campaign after campaign. The Agile CRM alternative would have to bring in better results than this manual functionality.

The answer is provided by CRM which also helps in marketing automation amongst other things such as lead management and contact information management along with the interactions. It would always be a good idea to tie in the marketing automation with your lead generation and contact management software which is essentially CRM since the information can be tapped into and functions for marketings can be set around the same to create effective results in the sales pipeline. There are a number of platforms that do this effectively including Agile CRM and even others like EngageBay and Insightly. Yet, there are other Agile CRM alternatives.

Let us have a look at some of them:

1. EngageBay: As one of the foremost Agile CRM alternatives, EngageBay holds its own thanks to the range of services it offers and the fact that it has already serviced over 12,000 people worldwide with its email marketing, social media marketing, contact management, lead management and overall marketing automation with many tools like landing pages and more. This makes it one of the best Agile CRM alternatives. Also, it is easy to set up and you have constant support unlike Agile CRM and other platforms.

2. ActiveCampaign: Marketing automation and Active Campaign seem to go hand in hand, which makes it a good enough alternative to Agile CRM. Yet, many of the limitations of Agile CRM are also to be found here in terms of less support after set up and a cumbersome setup process in the first place.

3. MooSend: While Moo Send is hailed as a decent Agile CRM alternative, it may also be seen that the only real marketing automation that is offered her pertains to email marketing with contact and lead management. This only covers one aspect of digital marketing gamut.

4. OmniSend: With Omni Send, you can achieve E-Commerce based marketing automation, yet this also does not support all the features that have been offered by other platforms like EngageBay which helps you understand the customer and prospects per campaign in a way that helps you customize each function in the sales pipeline.

5. ConvertKit: With Convert Kit, you get to use many features to make conversions in your sales pipeline. Convert kit basically offers you email marketing which captures a large part of the marketing automation process, but unfortunately, not the entire spectrum. This is where we need a better Agile CRM alternative.

So in the end, the analysis shows that EngageBay is one of the best Agile CRM alternatives thanks to the ease of setting up, a full range of services for better marketing automation and complete support at all times. This makes it an alternative that will not only reduce your time and effort but give you results that much faster.

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