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Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets

There are many different strategies to analyze a web site’s visitors. We’ll take a look at each one of these step-by-step data.

We all perceive it’s easy to see how much organic traffic visitors a web site will get with Google Analytics:

Google Analytics screenshot showing how much traffic a website gets each month

But, what about your competition?

You won’t have entry to their Google Analytics account. So how are you conscious of how many visitors they get? And, additional importantly, the place they get it from?

  • Which channels drive essentially the most visitors?
  • Which subdomains or subfolders get essentially the most visits?
  • Which pages/posts pull in essentially the most organic traffic?
  • Which specific individual keywords generate essentially the most visitors?
  • How do these visitors work together with a web site?

There are many layers to the “traffic onion”. And the deeper you go, the additional worthwhile the insights grow to be.

In this data, I’ll show you a suitable strategy to check the visitor’s numbers of any web site.

And then, we’ll go deeper, layer by layer, as we peel once more the onion to look out exactly which geographies, channels, directories, pages, and specific individual key phrases are driving essentially the most worthwhile visitors to the web site.

We’ll even take a look at machine break down – cell vs desktop – and get a take look at how these visitors interact with a web site’s content material materials by checking estimated bounce expenses, frequent go to the interval, and completely different engagement metrics.

You’ll have an all-access backstage transfer to your competitor’s visitors method and emerge with a confirmed visitor freeway map in your private enterprise and/or consumers.

You’ll need the following devices to hold out this analysis:

  1. SEMrush + Traffic Analytics (free 14-day trial) for visitors and engagement insights all through all channels.
  2. Free visitors analysis template (below).
Traffic analysis template

Ready to go? Sweet. Let’s get started!

How to Check ANY Website’s Traffic
(Top-Down Analysis)

OK, sooner than we start peeling once more the layers, let’s speak concerning the tactic for our visitor’s analysis.

We’re taking a top-down technique.

And by that, I suggest we’ll start with a top-level take a look at the estimated entire organic traffic of a web site.

And then we’ll peel once more one layer at a time to reveal each bit of information in the further ingredient.

Here is a quick overview:

  1. All web site visitors – We’ll start by wanting on the entire amount of visitors the placement will get each month, check estimated engagement metrics, and break down the numbers by machine type.
  2. By channel – Next layer down, we’re wanting on the number of visitors coming from completely different sources. For occasion, we’ll check visitors’ numbers and tendencies all through completely different channels like organic, paid, social, e-mail, and referral​. Then, drill down into each channel to see the exact strategies rivals are using to drive that visitors.
  3. By subdomain/ itemizing – The next layer down is completely helpful for greater web websites, notably e-commerce web sites, the place you can see which product courses drive basically essentially the organic traffic.
  4. By web page/submit – The fourth layer appears on the actual individual posts/pages that drive basically essentially the most visitors to a web site so we’ll start to prioritize the content material materials method. For occasion, does the web site focus on weblog content material materials, review pages, or product pages to attract friends.
  5. By key phrase – Finally, for organic traffic and paid channels, you can drill down and uncover out which key phrases (and modifiers) drive basically essentially the most visitors all through completely different phases of the funnel – excessive, middle, and bottom.

Note: we’ll look nearer on the intent break down later throughout the submit.

The key issue to remember is which you may analyze visitors stats at varied ranges of granularity, notably for organic traffic and paid search channels.

IMPORTANTYour web site monetization model will dictate the best way you analyze web site visitors

For the event, analyzing class subfolders is much extra worthwhile to an eCommerce retailer than an affiliate web site in the hunt for mid-funnel key phrase modifiers.

For occasion:

  • If you monetize primarily by Adsense/ advert revenue, you then positively want to take a look at all the very best visitors pages because your primary goal is to drive advert impressions. 
  • If you run an eCommerce retailer, you then positively want to drill down into the product class subfolders to see how rivals are driving web site visitors with an extreme diploma of enterprise intent. 
  • If you run an affiliate web site, you then positively want to dissect visitors by key phrase modifiers like “best”, “alternative”, “top”, “vs” and so forth.
  • If you are employed in a rising space of curiosity with little search amount, then presumably you’d want to analyze the very best referral visitors sources of rivals; i.e. the place they’re getting safety from press releases and visitor posts.

We’ll dive deeper into this visitor’s analysis below.

Step #1: Check Global Organic Traffic (and Engagement) Data to Quickly Pinpoint New Opportunities

We’ll be using the SEMrush Traffic Analytics Report, along with the search engine advertising and Advertising Toolkits for nearly all of this analysis. Grab a free 14-day trial of SEMrush Pro + Traffic Analytics here ($299 price).

The SEMrush Traffic Analytics Report is an aggressive evaluation system that provides estimated desktop and mobile visitors reports on any web site.

SEMrush Traffic Analytics report

It’s important to don’t forget that these tales are estimates because of SEMrush would not have entry to every web site’s interior analytics.

Instead, the tales are based on “petabytes of clickstream data that comes from multiple proprietary and 3rd party data sources, SEMrush’s proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, and Big Data technologies.”

In completely different phrases, data is collected and approximated from precise web individual behaviors. The subsequent neatest factor after having direct entry to your competitor’s Google Analytics account.

Let’s try the report and see what metrics we’ll unearth for our working occasion, Shopify.

In SEMrush, click on on on Traffic Analytics from the aspect menu and enter the world – e.g. “” – you want to analyze:

Entering domain into SEMrush Traffic Analytics report


The Traffic Analytics Overview report supplies you an estimate of the queried web site’s visitors and engagement.

You can apply filters – historic data, location, and machine – to modify the outcomes. And subsequent to the filters is a set of blue bars noting the Estimated Accuracy of the report, which depends on the size of the world and filters.

Shopify has 3 bars, which means the data has the following diploma of accuracy:

Showing traffic accuracy in SEMrush

Shopify had an estimated 33.9M visits in June 2019, which, as you’ll see below throughout the historic tendencies, is a slight dip as compared with earlier months (attainable outcomes of the June core algorithm change).

Action merchandise:

Go to the search engine advertising Toolkit >> Traffic Analytics >> Traffic Overview report to look out the Total Monthly Visits rely on each competitor and enter them into the Global Traffic Overview a part of the template:

Entering global traffic in the template

Use the Total Visits metric as a guiding stick. i.e. focus your visitor’s analysis on rivals which may be driving basically essentially the most visitors each month, as they’re going to most likely reveal the clearest options to increase web site visitors.


Next to Visits, are estimated metrics for engagement.

  • Visits – an estimate of entire visits to the web site over the chosen month.
  • Unique Visitors – an estimate of entire distinctive visits to the web site over the chosen month. (discover: a buyer can have numerous visits)
  • Pages/Visit – an estimate of what variety of pages (on frequent) a person visits in a single session on the web site.
  • Avg. Visit Duration – a median estimate of the time period spent on the placement all through each goes to.
  • Bounce Rate – an estimate of the web site’s frequent bounce payment, or proportion of vacation makers that go away the web site after viewing just one web page.

Think of it as a result of the closest issue to getting a behind-the-scenes take a look at each of your competitor’s Google Analytics Audience Overview report!

Historical Trends

Under the engagement metrics is a historic sample graph. You can select the timeframe – 6 months, 12 months, or All-time. And it is also attainable to swap to see the world’s sample of Total Visits, Unique Visitors, Average Visit Duration, or Bounce Rate:

Viewing historical engagement metrics in the SEMrush Traffic Analytics report

The sample strains are for All Devices (blue), Desktop (inexperienced), and Mobile (orange).

In our occasion, you can see visits (all sources) to Shopify had been rising steadily up until March 2019, then plateaued for a pair months, sooner than taking a drop initially of June. Note: this may be the outcome of getting hit by the June Google core algorithm update. We’ll dive into this additional later.

Action merchandise:

Go to the search engine advertising Toolkit >> Traffic Analytics >> Traffic Overview report and enter numerous of your direct rivals:​

Filtering metrics by Device Type in Traffic Analytics

Enter the engagement metrics – Pages/Visit, Av. Visit Duration, and Bounce Rate – for each competitor. Also, flag whether or not or not the visitors is rising, lowering, or plateauing all through each machine type:

Entering engagement metrics and traffic trends in the template

If a competitor’s visitors is persistently rising over time, dig in and uncover the availability(s) of that improvement, and replicate it.

Traffic Sources

The Traffic Sources report estimates how loads visitors a web site will get from each channel:

  • Direct – visitors by URLs entered in a browser’s search bar, saved bookmarks or hyperlinks from the exterior a browser (resembling PDFs or Microsoft Word paperwork).
  • Referral – visitors from a hyperlink on one different space (other than a Social Media space).
  • Search – visitors immediately from a search engine resembling Google, Bing, and so forth.
  • Social – visitors from hyperlinks on social media web websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, and so forth.
  • Paid adverts – visitors from paid adverts on Google Ads. ( Includes PPC adverts in search outcomes and product itemizing adverts e.g. Google Shopping, in SERPs.)
Estimated website traffic by channel in SEMrush

On our occasion, you can see that over the last 12 months Shopify acquired basically essentially the most visitors from referrals.

In the next report, you can filter the visitors to provide data by All Sources, Referring Sites, Search Engines, or Social Networks:

Viewing the Top Referring sites in SEMrush

And on the correct, you can see the Traffic CountTraffic Share, and Change percentages.

In our occasion, the excessive referring web site is, (with 43.81% of the visitors), which type of skews the data, as this space is used when establishing each retailer’s space settings.

But, if we take a look at the exact estimated visitors from referrals of non-Shopify web sites – considerably the Traffic Share % – you can see it’s an essential amount.

For occasion: Fashionnova drives over 126,000 referral visits to Shopify each month.

From proper right here, you can quickly decide the referral sources that may drive basically essentially the most referral visitors to your web site. And that’s the place you’d want to focus your link building/ PR and/or visitor posting efforts.

If you select the Search Engines tab, you might even see which search engine drives most visitors:

Looking at which search engines drive the most traffic

In our occasion, Google (organic) drives 85.88% visitors to Shopify, adopted by Google (paid) with 6.31%.

Note: Again, whereas the paid proportion appears small, it’s worth noting that Shopify is investing tons in Paid Ads, and is now driving over 372,000 paid search visits a month!

As we’ll see later throughout the Paid Traffic half, Shopify has been steadily rising funding on this channel over time.

Action merchandise:Go to the Traffic Sources tab and enter the very best 3 visitors channels for each web site into the Global Overview a part of the template:

Entering top traffic sources into the template

Next – scroll properly all the way down to the Traffic Sources Details report and click on on the Referring Sites tab. Enter the entire referral visits, sample, and excessive 3 visitors referrers into the Referral Traffic Overview a part of the template:

Entering the Referral Traffic stats into the template

Geo Distribution

The Geographic Distribution report reveals to you the nations and areas that drive basically essentially the most visitors to a web site.

The report incorporates a map illustration adopted by a desk exhibiting the Total Traffic and Traffic Share % from each nation:

Global traffic distribution report in SEMrush

Plus the Pages/Visit, Average Visit Duration, and Bounce Rate so you can decide which nations work collectively basically essentially the most with the web site:

Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 1

In our occasion, Shopify acquired most of its visitors from the USA (42.54%) in June 2019. But it’s moreover getting essential visitors from completely different worldwide locations. So, from a method standpoint, its important to find out how they’re specializing in these nations?

One probability could possibly be they’re using numerous languages for each nation. And a quick check of the available code for references to the “hreflang” tag will help shed delicate:

Example of hreflang attributes being used on Shopify

Action merchandise:

Go to the Traffic Analytics report and select the Geo Distribution tab. Scroll proper all the way down to the Traffic by Countries report:

Geographic traffic distribution report in SEMrush

Enter the nations driving basically essentially the most visitors to each of your rivals:

Entering top traffic countries into the analysis template

This report will allow you to pinpoint any gaps in your worldwide search engine advertising method.


The Traffic Analytics report moreover highlights the excellence between desktop and cell visitors. You can see Shopify has nearly twice as loads visitors coming from Desktop devices:

Traffic by Device Type


The Subdomains report reveals you which of them subdomains on the web site buy basically essentially the most visitors:

Subdomains report in Traffic Analytics

In our occasion, you can see the Shopify “App” and “CDN” subdomains get basically essentially the most visitors.

For completely different web websites, this report can help you establish if a competitor is using a weblog subdomain to drive top-funnel visitors or housing merchandise on a separate retailer subdomain.

For occasion:

If I needed to see how HubSpot was driving web site visitors, notably on the excessive of the funnel, I’d start by analyzing solely their weblog subdomain:

HubSpot blog subdomain

Similarly, if I was selling beard merchandise on-line and wished to see how a web site resembling Beardaholic was driving visitors with industrial intent, I’d start by analyzing their retailer subdomain.

Beardaholic subdomain

SEMrush’ SEO Toolkit makes this granular visitors analysis a breeze (additional on this throughout the subsequent half):

Subdomain traffic analysis

Segmenting by subdomain or subfolder can help you larger prioritize the visitor’s analysis course.

Competitor Comparisons

As you have got seen, the Traffic Analytics Overview report helps you to look at competitor data side-by-side all through all the courses talked about above.

The comparisons will help you to fill out the visitor’s analysis template loads sooner.

Simply enter the domains into the search bins on the excessive of the report and click on on ‘Compare’:

Competitor comparisons in SEMrush

For occasion, I’ve added BigCommerce and BigCartel as rivals of Shopify.

Now you get a group of tales evaluating each web site’s estimated visitors (and diploma of confidence):

Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 2

While Shopify will get basically essentially the most visitors, it took a crucial month-over-month hit in June. BigCartel observed a crucial drop in Average Visit Duration. All web sites had a troublesome of June. From proper right here, you’d want to drill into the exact channels that took the hit and uncover why.

12 month traffic trend in SEMrush

From July 2018 to March 2019, Shopify grew its visitors from ~24M to ~38M visits a month. Over the identical time interval, BigCommerce and BigCartel had been principally flatlining.

If I was a competitor, I’d drill into the channels report to look out out the place the overwhelming majority of the visitor’s improvement bought right here from, after which dig deeper into these channels to look out which strategies had been driving the growth, and replicate them as fast as attainable.

Audience Overlap

Audience Overlap report in SEMrush

This report reveals the proportion of consumers who visited a specific space and its rivals. According to SEMrush, there is bigger viewers overlap between Shopify and BigCommerce.

Armed with this information, one issue I’d decide to do is prepared up a social PPC advertising marketing campaign and objective all the people throughout the rivals with the following Audience Overlap proportion.

Action merchandise:

Enter the Audience Overlap percentages for each of your rivals:

Audience Overlap report in SEMrush Traffic Analytics

For this working occasion, we’ll see that Shopify has really extreme viewers overlap proportion with Shopify. This is one different indicator that it’s best to focus in on Shopify’s visitor’s strategies as their viewers are just like the one you are trying to attain.

Use the Traffic Analytics report again to uncover new channels the place rivals are getting a complete lot of web site visitors, nonetheless your web site is lagging behind. Then, drill in to uncover the exact strategies they’re using to drive visitors from each channel.

Note: If you may be solely severe about analyzing organic traffic and paid visitors sources, you don’t need Traffic Analytics. Instead, be a part of a free 30-day SEMrush Pro account and get the right of entry to all the alternative Toolkits – search engine advertising, PPC, and so forth.

Or, be taught this post to see which SEMrush trial is most interesting to your enterprise.

Alternatives: Later throughout the submit, I’ll current you one other device like SimilarWeb that help to get a top-level snapshot.

Step #2: Find Out How Much Organic Traffic a Website Gets (on the Subfolder, Page & Keyword Levels)

The Traffic Analytics report gave us a worldwide view of all visitor’s sources over time.

But now we’re going to utilize the Organic Traffic Research report throughout the SEMrush SEO Toolkit to dive deep into your competitor’s organic traffic visitors channels. Again, we’ll take a top-down technique for the visitor’s analysis:

  1. Overview
  2. Subfolder/subdomain
  3. Page/submit
  4. Individual key phrases

Each additional layer we peel once more will current additional insights that may be utilized to assemble a field-tested method to drive additional web site visitors.

For this half, we’ll use The Wirecutter as our working occasion.

In SEMrush, select search engine advertising Toolkit, click on on on Organic Research from the aspect menu, and enter the world – e.g. “” – you want to analyze:

SEMrush Organic Research report

The Overview report reveals the entire organic traffic and key phrases:

Organic traffic and keyword data in SEMrush

In our occasion, The Wirecutter has 2.7 million key phrases throughout the Top 100 search outcomes and is getting an estimated 4.4 million organic traffic per thirty days.

Under the headline, figures are some historic sample graphs. Let’s look at the improvement over the last yr vs. all time:

Looking at organic traffic trends over the last year inside SEMrush

Over the ultimate yr, The Wirecutter observed a delicate improvement in visitors from 3.6M to 4.4M visits a month.

All-time organic traffic report

But over the last two years, visitors have grown from decrease than 2M to 4.4M visits per thirty days. Traffic improvement is accelerating!

In the Organic Research Overview report, you can break down the Branded vs Non-Branded organic traffic counts:

Brand vs non brand organic traffic in SEMrush

Typically, you might want to focus on the rivals getting basically essentially the most Non-Branded organic traffic.

The figures up to now have been for Desktop. But we’ll swap the filter on the excessive of the web web page to get Mobile visitors figures as properly:

Mobile organic traffic trend

Over the ultimate yr, The Wirecutter cell visitors decreased barely from 3.0M to 2.9M visits a month.

Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 3

In the All time report, we see that cell visitors has plateaued given that inflection degree that occurred in February 2018.

(Note: desktop visitors started in Jan 2012, nonetheless cell visitors started in March 2015.)

Action merchandise:

Drop each competitor space into the search engine advertising Toolkit and go to the Organic Research report.

Next – enter the organic traffic rely (mannequin and non-brand) on, organic traffic worth, and sample data into the Organic Traffic Overview a part of the template:

Entering organic traffic stats into the template

By subdomain

Ok, let’s go a bit deeper and check subdomains.

For this report, we’ll use Shopify as our occasion.

Enter your space – e.g. – and click on on the Subdomains tab in Organic Research:

List of subdomains in SEMrush that are getting organic traffic

You can see Shopify has 58 subdomains driving tons of of 1000’s of month-to-month organic traffic. (Results are sorted by the estimated desktop visitors.)

Most visitors (61%) goes to the precept space, nonetheless, the remainder is unfolding to the numerous subdomains along with these for the Help Center, App Store, Themes Store, and diversified language-specific web sites like Spanish.

Remember: use the subdomains to get laser centered alongside along with your visitor’s analysis.

For occasion:

If you see an eCommerce competitor selling merchandise on a retailer subdomain, prioritize your visitor’s analysis on that subdomain to look out industrial intent key phrase options:

Traffic analysis by subdomain

You’ll uncover methods to find, qualify, prioritize, and map key phrase data:

Keyword Research Playbook gif

Screenshots of the Aggregate and Keyword Mapping tabs in The SEO Playbook

By folder

Next, we’re going to analyze the subfolders on Beardbrand.

Using superior filters in SEMrush, you may discover specific kinds of key phrases.

For the event, you must use URL subfolders like “/collections/” or “/product/” to return all the (BOFU) industrial intent product-related key phrases for an eCommerce web site. On the alternative hand, using a URL subfolder like “/blog/” returns all the (TOFU) informational intent key phrase ideas.

Pro tip: concede to take into consideration which search intent aligns most interesting alongside along with your web site monetization model.

For occasion:

Ecommerce web site? Drill into the product and sophistication subfolders to look out basically essentially the most worthwhile visitors options.

Affiliate web site? Drill into the evaluation subfolders, or look for modifiers like “best” or “alternative” throughout the URL strings.

AdSense web site? Drill into the weblog subfolders to look out bigger visitors’ options.

Enter your space – e.g. – and click on on the Positions tab in Organic Research

Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 4

At the second there will not be any filters, and there’s a whole 43.1K key phrase and 159. Okay visits/month.

But while you apply filters to the report, you can zoom in on the completely different intent key phrases.

For occasion:

Beardbrand properties all its courses and merchandise all through the /collections subfolder:

Collections subfolder

Let’s check for industrial intent key phrases with these filters:

  • Include > URL > Containing “/collections”
  • Include > Words Count > Greater than 1 (to do away with single-term or branded key phrases)
Adding filters in the organic research report in SEMrush

With the filters utilized the number of key phrases (476) and visitors (15.6K) drops considerably.

Now let’s check for informational intent key phrases with these filters:

  • Include > URL > Containing “/blogs/”
  • Include > Words Count > Greater than 1 (to do away with single-term key phrases)
Filters applied for informational keywords in SEMrush

From these outcomes, you can see Beardbrand will get significantly additional visitors for its informational intent key phrases (102.7K) than its industrial intent key phrases (15.6K).

But, since we’re an eCommerce competitor, we’d prioritize visitors analysis on the /collections subfolder, and work our method once more like a lot because of the /weblog folder.

Action merchandise:

Go to the search engine advertising Toolkit >> Organic Research >> Subdomains tab:

Organic subdomains report

Enter the very best organic traffic subdomains for each competitor throughout the Top Subfolders/ Subdomains a part of the template:

Subdomains driving the most organic traffic

By web page

Staying with Beardbrand, you can check which specific individual pages are ranking for basically essentially the most key phrases and driving basically essentially the organic traffic all through each stage of the funnel. This is a considerably higher indicator of which issues (considerably than key phrases) to give attention to in your search engine advertising method.

Here’s how:

Enter your space – e.g. – and click on on the Pages tab in the Organic Research report:

Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 5

Here’s the report with no filters.

But we’ll add the identical filters as sooner than to separate the important thing phrases by intent.

Add this filter for the industrial intent key phrases:

  • Include > URL > Containing “/collections”
Filtering high organic traffic pages in SEMrush

All these pages are bottom-funnel product pages with extreme visitors and key phrases.

Now add this filter for the informational intent key phrases:

  • Include > URL > Containing “/blogs”
Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 6

All these pages are excessive funnel weblog posts with extreme visitors and ranking for many informational key phrases.

Action merchandise:

Navigate to the Organic Research >> Pages report.

Use the Advanced URL filters to quickly uncover the very best 3 organic traffic pages for each stage of the funnel – excessive, middle, and bottom:

Organic traffic at each stage of the funnel

Bonus helpful useful resource: How to find your competitor’s most valuable keywords.

By keyphrase

Finally, we’ll take a look at which key phrases are driving basically essentially the most visitors.

For this occasion, we’ll use Wirecutter as soon as extra.

Here’s how:

Enter your space – e.g. – and click on on the Positions tab in the Organic Research report:

SEMrush report showing which individual keywords drive the most website traffic

The excessive traffic-driving key phrase is “wirecutter”. But we’ll add filters to remove branded key phrases and focus on the mid-funnel investigational intent keyphrases (for affiliate web sites) that you just simply uncover throughout the “/reviews/” subfolder:

  • Include > URL > Containing “/reviews/”
  • Exclude > Keyword > Containing “wirecutter”
Filters applied to find mid funnel keyword ideas in SEMrush

Now the report reveals the mid-funnel key phrases that drive basically essentially the most visitors.

Similarly, it is also attainable to filter out basically essentially the most worthwhile visitors options using widespread mid-funnel modifiers resembling “best”, “top”, “vs” or “alternative”:

Keyword modifiers in SEMrush

Another occasion is the K9 Of Mine web site who focuses on using key phrase modifiers like “best” considerably than a subfolder for his or her mid-funnel investigational intent key phrases. So the filter is:

  • Include > Keyword > Containing “best”
Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 7

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets seize a complete lot of worthwhile SERP precise property.

If you can determining which phrases set off them, and decide the suitable strategy to steal them from the opponents, you might drive far more visitors to your web site each month:

Featured snippet statistics

SEMrush’s SEO Toolkit makes it easy to look out your whole rivals featured snippets.

Once you may need to be entered a competitor’s space, scroll properly all the way down to the SERP Features report on the Overview tab:

SERP Features report

Click the Featured Snippets hyperlink to see all the key phrases that your rivals are ranking for with a featured snippet:

Keywords ranking in the featured snippet

Check the number of featured snippets for each competitor and enter it into the template:

Entering featured snippet count into the template

Remember to acquire the template, seize one among many free trials below, and adjust to alongside step-by-step with this tutorial.

Step #3: Find Out How Much Paid Traffic A Website Gets (and How Well It Converts)

Are your rivals driving a complete lot of visitors to their web site from paid search?

It’s positively worth checking. And you’ll be able to do this with the SEMrush Advertising Toolkit.

This system will quickly allow you to uncover how loads rivals are spending on Google adverts, which phrases they’re bidding on, how they’re worthwhile the click, the place they ship paid visitors, and which key phrases convert most interesting.

As you’ve already seen, visitors total solely inform a small portion of the story. In the case of paid search, you want to know HOW rivals are shopping for and altering those visitors.

So as soon as extra, we’ll peel once more the layers to uncover basically essentially the most worthwhile (and actionable) insights.

Besides Traffic notion, you’ll uncover:

  • Keywords – to get you in entrance of the viewers
  • Ad Copy – to win the click and earn the go to
  • Landing Pages – to get the conversions

The SEMrush Advertising Toolkit provides an all-access backstage transfer to level out you the best way rivals are doing all three, so you can do away with the guesswork and cease wasted time and funds.

After all, your rivals have already achieved all the heavy lifting for you

These are useful insights for any enterprise, notably while you’re starting the latest and should purchase some SERP visibility whereas the organic search engine advertising efforts are kicking into gear.

SEMrush Advertising Toolkit

In SEMrush, select Advertising Toolkit, click on on on Advertising Research from the aspect menu, and enter the world – e.g. “” – you want to analyze:

Analyze paid traffic with the SEMrush Advertising Toolkit


At the very best of the Positions report, you’ll see three overview numbers detailing your competitor’s use of selling:

Global of paid traffic stats
  • Keywords – the entire number of key phrases the place the world was found with a PPC advert ranking throughout the Top 7 Google Ads positions.
  • Traffic – the estimated visitors coming from these paid key phrases (based on key phrase search amount and CTR averages per place).
  • Traffic Cost – the estimated worth of paying for the PPC adverts to rank throughout the excessive positions.

Below the headline numbers are the sample graphs:

Organic Traffic Research to Find Out How Much Traffic ANY Website Gets 8

You can swap between Traffic, Keywords, and Traffic Cost, plus change the timeline between 1 month, 6 months, 1 yr, 2 years, and ‘All Time’.

The sample graphs will let you gauge whether or not or not a competitor is spending additional overtime. Any tendencies you discover you can analyze deeper.

It moreover supplies you considered how loads you’ll spend to get associated visitors ranges. Or, how loads visitors you can depend on from specific matter courses.

Enter the following data elements into the Paid Traffic Overview a part of the template:

  • Monthly paid visitors
  • PPC visitors sample
  • Number of paid key phrases
  • Traffic worth
  • Budget sample
Paid Traffic Overview stats

Also, check the Display Advertising and PLA tales throughout the Advertising Toolkit and flag whether or not or not or not competitors are using these paid strategies to drive visitors.

Checking dsplay ads in SEMrush

Keywords Report

Underneath the sample graphs is a desk containing all the key phrases that Shopify is bidding on to run their adverts:

List of paid keywords driving traffic to a website

Aside from their very personal mannequin establish, you can see they’re specializing in competitor producers like Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Wix, and Squarespace, plus search phrases like “t-shirt printing”, “web store”, and “dropshipping”.

You’ll moreover have the power to see if advert positions are up or down, the CPC, and estimated visitors coming from each key phrase.

Scan by the itemizing of key phrases, or use the filters to hone in on specific merchandise, suppliers, and issues. Select the phrases you want to the objective by inserting a checkmark subsequent to each one.

Ok – while you’ve constructed a key phrase itemizing, it’s time to find out how rivals are worthwhile the click and driving visitors from these phrases.

Bonus tip: while you uncover {{that a}} competitor’s PPC visitors is rising, check to see which new key phrases they’re bidding on throughout the Position Changes report:

New Paid KWs report in SEMrush

Scroll proper all the way down to the New Paid Search Positions report again to see a list of all of the model-new key phrases, along with search amount, CPC, objective landing web page URL, and so forth:

New Paid Positions report

Similarly, while you uncover PPC visitors is lowering, check the Lost tab to see which key phrases a competitor stopped bidding on. This may be an indication that the phrases didn’t convert properly or ship an optimistic ROI.

Ad Copy

The Ad Copies report reveals to you the best way your rivals are attracting their viewers. You can see the headlines and CTAs they use throughout the Ad copy, plus the objective key phrases and landing web page.

Let’s try an occasion.

Enter your space – e.g. – and click on on the Ad Copies tab throughout the Advertising Research report:

Analyzing ad copy in the SEMrush Advertising report

At the very best of the report, you can see the headline, copy, and landing web page.

If you click on on the drop-down, you can see the objective key phrases for each advert:

Keywords that trigger ad traffic

In our occasion, you can see Shopify is specializing in quite a lot of “hosting” key phrases. Anyone searching for these phrases will most likely see a Shopify advert.

Why objective web internet hosting? Because the Shopify platform comprises web internet hosting, whereas a competitor like WooCommerce requires WordPress web internet hosting.

Ads History

The Ads History report helps you to see all the key phrases {{that a}} space purchased over the earlier yr.

Enter your space – e.g. – and click on on the Ad History tab throughout the Advertising Research report:

Checking to see which ads have been running the longest

The amount throughout the blue cell signifies the place of the advert each month. And the Coverage % reveals how prolonged the advert ran throughout the ultimate yr, the place 100% equals all yr.

So, in our occasion, Shopify had an advert specializing in the important thing phrase “Wix” every month over the last yr that was in place #1 or #2.

You may additionally click on any of the blue cells to reveal what the advert copy was for that month:

Ad copy report in SEMrush

It’s a useful resolution to look at how rivals change their advert copy or CTA each month. In our occasion, you can see Shopify modified their advert copy barely, by rearranging the order of the sentences:

Grow Your Business With Our Unified Platform. Start 14 Day Free Trial Now. Customize Your Store With Our Website Builder. Social Media Integration. Drop Shipping Integration. 100+ Professional Themes. Fully Hosted. 99.99% Average Uptime. Unlimited 24/7 Support. search engine advertising Optimized.


Customize Your Store With Our Website Builder. Grow Your Business With Our Unified Platform. Start 14 Day Free Trial Now. Social Media Integration. Fraud Prevention. 99.99% Average Uptime.

Note: if a competitor is using the identical key phrase and advert copy for a complete yr (notably whether or not it’s for a pricey time interval), you may have the ability to infer that the important thing phrase/advert copy combination drives a complete lot of licensed visitors.

This can help you quickly streamline your paid key phrase itemizing proper all the way down to among the best (most likely highest-converting) options.

Landing Pages

The Pages report reveals you a list of the very best landing pages in your competitor’s PPC adverts. It’s a useful method of checking the design, copy, and calls to the movement for each web page and getting some inspiration in your landing pages.

Enter your space – e.g. – and click on on the Pages tab throughout the Advertising Research report:

Check which pages are getting the most paid traffic

Click the gray arrow pop-out beside the web web page URL to open the landing web page.

The majority of Shopify adverts land on their homepage, which contains lots of particulars concerning the platform. But while you check the free trial landing web page, you can see how reasonably extra concise the messaging is:

Shopify landing page example

Again – don’t actually really feel such as you may wish to start from scratch in relation to setting up landing pages to rework paid visitors. Look at what the opponents are doing, and model their success.

Action merchandise:

Open the Advertising Research >> Pages report and itemizing 3-5 pages getting basically essentially the most paid visitors:

Top traffic PPC landing pages

Since rivals are spending a giant portion of their month-to-month advert funds sending visitors to these pages, they’ll most likely be testing variations to boost conversions.

As a finish consequence, these pages will often highlight among the best web page format and copywriting principles to repeat all through your landing pages.

4 Alternatives to Check Website Traffic

If you don’t have entry to SEMrush, listed beneath are 4 additional strategies to check web site visitors.


Using Similar Web to check website traffic

SimilarWeb begins with a Traffic Overview that options engagement stats – Total Visits, Average Visit Duration, Pages per Visit, and Bounce Rate.

All visitor’s estimates embrace every cell and desktop visitors for the ultimate six months.

As you scroll down the web web page, there are additional stats for:

  • Traffic by Countries
  • Traffic Sources (Direct/Referrals/Search/Social/Email/Display)
    – Top Referring Sites
    – Search Traffic (Top 5 Organic and Paid Keywords)
    – Social Traffic
    – Display Advertising Traffic

SimilarWeb accumulate their data from numerous sources.

Additional helpful useful resource: 6 Best SimilarWeb Alternatives


Checking website traffic in Alexa

Alexa’s web site visitors system comprises competitive analysis, so stepping into your objective space – e.g. – routinely supplies rivals to the dashboard –,,, and

There’s a complete lot of knowledge on the web web page along with:

  • Alexa web site rank
  • Unique Visitors
  • Visitors by Country
  • Engagement metrics (pageviews per buyer/time on the web site/bounce payment)
  • Traffic sources
  • Site Flow (web sites visited sooner than and after objective)

Alexa tracks data for everyone who has the Alexa toolbar put in on their browser, which accounts for a decrease than 1% of web prospects. So it’s not basically essentially the most appropriate, nonetheless supplies you a troublesome thought.


Checking website traffic in Ahrefs

Ahrefs is nice for organic traffic analysis. Their estimates embrace every desktop and cell visitors.

Similar to SEMrush, visitors may be analyzed with a top-down technique:

  • All organic traffic – thought of as a complete or broken down by 170 nations.
  • Keyword counts/ improvement – check key phrase and visitors improvement tendencies.
  • Subfolder/subdomain – use the filters to check whether or not or not visitors go to excessive, middle, or bottom of the funnel.
  • Page/submit – use the Top Pages report again to see which pages get basically essentially the most visitors.
  • Keyword – use the Organic Keywords report again to see which key phrases drove most visitors.

Check out my Ahrefs review for 50+ wise functions of the toolset.

Ahrefs’ data comes from the huge portions of clickstream data that they course of day-after-day.

Note: Ahrefs’ paid visitors analysis nonetheless has a protracted resolution to go, and in addition, you may be unable to get the identical world insights {{that a}} system as SEMrush Traffic Analytics provides.

Advertise Page

Some web sites promote how loads visitors they get, so it’s worth attempting a classy Google search while you’re severe about discovering visitors stats for a particular web site.

Try this Google search:

web site: promote with us

Example GeekWire 

web promote with us

Checking traffic stats on the GeekWire Advertising page

You’ll uncover stats like above, which may or is not going to be appropriate and up to date.

GeekWire claims to get 1.2M friends a month.

Example Healthline 

web promote with us

Checking traffic stats on the Healthline advertising page

Healthline says they scale to 71 million prospects a month.

The “advertise page” can sometimes give you a ballpark visitors decide. But, you would have the power to dissect each channel like you can with a tool like SEMrush.

Ready. Set. Analyze.

Traffic estimation devices are not going to be 100% appropriate, nonetheless, the insights from a tool like SEMrush will give you a wonderful considered which channels, posts/pages, and key phrases are driving basically essentially the most web site visitors. And, how visitors interact with a web site’s content material materials.

These insights could be utilized to assemble out your particular person full content material materials promoting and PPC strategies. No additional guesswork, solely a data-driven freeway map to additional web site visitors.

If you haven’t achieved so already, make sure you seize one among many free trials below so you can adjust to along with the tutorial and assemble a rock steady visitors acquisition method to your enterprise and/or consumers.

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